Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Oye! You better not waste ANY TIME!

It's 9:50pm on Tuesday right now. You have to accomplish the following within the next two days:

Tuesday Night (now)
-Have at least a single-spaced page and a half of the political parties paper done before work ends.
-Work out. You are starting to see great results, now maintain them! BRISK running.
-Somehow study for the Spanish quiz tommorrow morning.
-Get in a quick overview of Int'l Relations tonight. This way it isn't new material on Wednesday.

-Spanish quiz. You MUST do well because you failed the last test.
-Study Int'l relations with Kim from 12:00pm till 1:00 pm during your break.
-Pickup Cyra from airport?
-Completely finish Political Parties Paper.

-Political Parties take home exam due today.
-Int'l Relations test in the morning!
-Once you're done with those, start working on Business Ettiquette article.