Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Test and Test and Test Oh mY!

Ok, Nev. You've got 3 tests:

  • Spanish on Friday
  • Marketing on Monday
  • Politcal Parties take-home test due next Thursday.

You've got 6 hours at work, use it wisely:

6:00 - Do whatever. Prepare materials for studying

7:00 - Study Spanish Vocab and Grammar. Prepare a study sheet. Test in TWO DAYS!

8:00 - Study marketing and make a study sheet

9:00 - Pick which prompt to use for Political Parties and read the relevant chapter.

10:00 - Begin writing the basic elements of the Political Parties paper

11:00 - Study Spanish till closing time. Know all that vocab, do-over the practice test!

12:00 - Drink that Red Bull and hit up the gym till it closes.

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