Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Wednesday the 9th

Neville, you know how crazy things will get at the end of the semester, so please start studying hard now.

Today I have 6 hours of work, I need to spend it on:

Hour 1 : Doing whatever I want (I'm doing this right now).

Hour 2 : Spanish work. Make vocab. 2 chart + re-write all the basic grammar on the first two pages of notebook.

Hour 3 : Read for 1 hour SE Asia politics books on Pakistan & India & notes.

Hour 4 : Read for 1 hour Political Parties books & notes.

Hour 5 : Review Pacific Asia & Marketing classes. Better organize notes.

Hour 6 : Start writing a new story for Daily Texan. Be assertive and GET your article published, don't wait. Email professor about b-school photography issue.