Thursday, December 02, 2004

Crunch Time

I've always enjoyed being busy, but this week will put that thinking to the test. With finals coming up and the semester winding down I have been extremely busy. I also work till 2:00am everyday of the finals except for the last. The greatest enemy I will have during finals is exhaustion. To combat this, I plan on sleeping everyday at around 2:00am and waking up at 8:00am. This will set the pace for my routine in the week ahead. I will also start eating on a very regular schedule.

Here is a quick breakdown of finals:

Wed 8th - 357M 9am till noon - Somewhat easy. Lots of writting.
Thur 9th - Statistics 9am till noon - Very difficult. Needs most studying.
Thur 9th - Spanish7pm till 10pm - Difficult. Needs good amount of studying and lots of practice.
Fri 10th - 335M 9am till noon - Relatively easy. Must review and refresh authors.
Mon 13th - Geology 9am til noon - Easiest. Still needs lots of revision.